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Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 1550, cj. 1208
04711-130 - São Paulo - SP
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Ekos´s operations are carried out in Brazil, the country with the largest biodiversity in the world and an enormous potential for the production of biomass. These are factors which could help in the global effort needed to tackle the challenges of climatic change.

Ekos Brasil works so that Brazil can look after its natural resources and also have access to the technical and scientific knowledge and the management of production on scale of renewable sources of energy to help the global environment and develop new opportunities for its people. However, we are aware that this is not enough. The protection of the forests and other natural biomass is of great importance, along with the use of renewable energy, in stabilizing the climate of the planet. To do so, Ekos Brasil works to create mechanisms which respect and appreciate the value of forests and the natural biomass.
Ekos Brasil puts its ideas into action by developing local projects which help global sustainability, carrying out training programs and publicizing knowledge on remediation and revitalizing contaminated areas, promoting conservation projects and managing protected natural areas.
Ekos Brasil operates through the Conservation of Ecosystems, Eco-efficiency of the Productive Processes and Remediation and Revitalization of Contaminated Areas projects in collaboration and partnership with other non-governmental organizations, companies, research institutions and government bodies.

In the Conservation of Ecosystems area, Ekos Brasil develops projects such as:
  • Creating social and environmental diagnoses and management plans for protected areas, through discussion and joint efforts with the various players involved,
  • Drawing up plans for the management of protected areas and conservation units,
  • Co-managing conservation areas.
  • Helping to implement sustainable business activities, including tourist, ecological and economic zoning.
  • Environmental diagnoses and cave and karst management plan.
In the Eco-efficiency of productive processes area, Ekos Brasil develops projects such as:
  • Creating methodologies, domestic public environmental directives and policies, including criteria and indicators which bring together environmental, social and business information,
  • Promoting the use of the Life Cycle Analysis methodology as a management tool in the sustainability of Brazilian products by helping to develop a Brazilian data base of life cycle inventories and developing and adapting the Impact Assessment Method to conditions in Brazil,
  • Advising companies and organizations on responsibilities and opportunities in the management of their activities in ways which helps global sustainability,
  • Advising companies and organizations in creating sustainability reports, including reporting guidelines and communication concepts
  • Promoting initiatives for the sustainability in the production of biofuels, including the construction of specific eco-labeling.
In the Remediation and Revitalization of Contaminated Area, Ekos Brazil develops projects such as:
  • Promoting best technical and scientific practices for the remediation and revitalization of contaminated areas in a cost-effective way.