One of the most effective approaches towards biodiversity conservation is to protect remaining natural areas. Protected Areas (PAs) conserve biodiversity by maintaining genetic variety within ecosystems, as well as through protection of water and soil resources, natural landscapes, and through the restoration of degraded ecosystems (SNUC, 2006). Additionally, they are fundamental for the survival and support of traditional families, and can be used for recreational and research purposes. PAs are increasingly proving their social, cultural and economic benefits, and should be considered more thoroughly by the public and private institutions’ agendas for promoting global strategies on the preservation of socio-biological diversity and the associated ecosystem services provided.

In order to assist the process of expansion, perpetuation and management of natural protected areas, Ekos Brasil strives to plan and administer these respective locations, with activities that range from the elaboration of socio-environmental diagnoses and management plans, to the structuring of natural resource production chains. Furthermore, Ekos Brasil conducts the implementation of infrastructures for public use and acts as a catalyst for the Legal Reserve compensation processes, which aids the promotion of land titles and environmental regulations of PAs and rural properties.

With this Area of Expertise, the Ekos Brasil Institute acts towards the achievement of items 14 - Life Below Water and 15 - Life on Land of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).