To reflect upon the remediation of urban areas degraded by contamination is an issue that challenges the current urban environmental management bodies. The human occupation of contaminated land poses a risk to the environment and to public health.

Revitalization of these areas can ensure the return of residential and commercial practices to central regions, thereby ensuring economic productivity and the fulfillment of these regions’ social functions, as well as contributing to a reduction of pressure on natural resources.

Aiming to contribute to the development of viable solutions in the area, Instituto Ekos Brasil promotes the exchange of knowledge through organizing the International Seminar on Remediation and Revitalization of Contaminated Sites. This International Seminar is currently in its 11th edition, having become the most prominent event on the subject in Latin America. In 2014, Ekos Brasil took part in the foundation of NICOLE Brasil, a network designed to discuss emerging environmental technologies that will aid in the rmemediation of degraded areas and other related initiatives. Ekos Brasil currently manages this network, undertaking responsibilities that range from fundraising by national and multinational companies to organizing technical meetings and financial monitoring.