The Southern, Centered, and Northern Marine EPAs, as well as the Areas of Relevant Ecological Interest (EREIs) of Guará, on the southern coast, and of São Sebastião, on the northern coast, are PAs created in 2008 and are under the responsibility of the Fundaçāo Florestal (FF). A recent partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank resumed the PAs’ Management Plan processes.

Ekos Brasil team for the project is composed of more than 60 specialists who, together with the FF, have the mission of elaborating the technical diagnosis, integrating it to the participatory diagnosis, and promoting strategic evaluation and zoning in an intense and innovative manner, condensed into 5 Management Plans.

This 864 km coastline contains a great variety of topographical landscapes, those of which include sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, islands, islets and rock slabs, all in the while of being home to the Atlantic Forest biome and all of its fauna and flora, forming a unique scenery framed by the crystalline sea. This landscape, although suffering permanent degradation from urban expansion, continues to maintain an extremely rich biodiversity and is still very relevant both at the regional and national levels.

The Management Plan should support the organization of activities in the territory based on the objectives of the creations of Protected Areas and should not fail to consider the aspects related to the insertion of these PAs and their respective populations in the physical and political territories that they are located.

Since the coast of São Paulo is a territory characterized by significant human influence and a high degree of commercial, industrial and transport influxes, the conservation of such area poses a very challenging task to the teams involved in these Management Plans, who have the objective of harmonizing economic development with the conservation of marine biodiversity and the remaining traditional communities. Including maximum participation from all elements involved is a key process for successful decision-making in these areas’ management.