From an economic, biological, natural resource, cultural and ethnic points of view, the region of Itaituba (PA), where the FLONAs are located, is one of the most significant regions in the Amazon.

By revising previously conducted studies, as well as through new field assessments and meetings with the local communities and organizations for the PAs, the Itaituba FLONA MP prioritize an ecosystem approach; that entails the possibility of integrating a designed coherent plan with the FLONA’s complex reality.

Objective: The Itaituba FLONA’s MP will contribute to one of the first sustainable forest management plans with PAs in the country, promoting local development and biodiversity conservation.

Partners: The project was coordinated and developed by Ekos Brasil in partnership with Idesam (Institute of Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas) and with supervision and monitoring by ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity), the Brazilian Forest Service, and with resources from the IFC – World Bank.


  • 216 arboreal species were registered in the Itaituba I FLONA and 220 species in the Itaituba II FLONA. 110 of these species have timber potential.
  • 500 botanical species with non-timber potential (i.e. medicinal, cosmetic, nutrition, etc.) were identified
  • 262 mammal species, 698 bird species, 335 fish species, 102 amphibian and reptile species were identified. From these, 8 species are endemic and 17 are endangered