The Serra do Mar State Park is the largest protected area of the Atlantic Forest biome. The Management Plan involved more than 20 specialists from a wide variety of specializations, promoting great advances to the resident populations of the Park and its surroundings, guaranteeing the recognition of the traditional caiçara, quilombas and indigenous communities as guardians of this intangible heritage.

Ekos’ Role: Ekos Brasil coordinated, in partnership with the Projeto de Preservação da Mata Atlântica – PPMA and the Instituto Florestal, an agency linked to the State Secretariat of the Environment of the State of São Paulo, the preparation of the park’s Management Plan.

With more than 315,000 hectares, the park covers 23 municipalities and consists of a corridor that links the remnants of the Atlantic Forest from southern Rio de Janeiro to the ecological continuum of the Vale do Ribera and to the state of Paraná. Located in the most developed region of the country, its management requires higher complexity strategies for the conservation of Protected Areas of the state of São Paulo.


  • 131 endangered species
  • 1265 vascular plant species
  • 132 new citations of shrub/bush species
  • 373 bird species
  • 144 amphibian species
  • 46 reptile species
  • 111 mammal species
  • Rare species, unfound for several decades, were identified in the high altitude forests of the Itutinga-Pilões Nucleus
  • 76 pieces of cultural heritage materials, some of them found in the Itutinga-Pilões Nucleus.