The Peruaçu Fund is made up of financial resource contributions through donations by private and public entities, aiming to ensure a continuous and quality management of the Peruaçu Caves National Park (PNCP). Ekos Brasil manages this fund in partnership with ICMBio, which currently work in mutual cooperation for the park’s management.

This speleological heritage is the most remarkable collection in Brazil and one of the most representative in the world, with its formation occurring thousands of years ago from a long, collapsed canyon with hanging speleothems, colossal abatement valleys, natural bridges, springs and internal forests. The park is also a site for prehistoric art on the walls of its caverns, indicating occupation in more than 12,000 years. It conserves a unique biodiversity, characteristic of transitional biomes, between the Cerrado and the Caatinga, and is a refuge for endangered and endemic species of the region.

To contribute to the conservation of this unique site, the Peruaçu Fund will invest in special projects with the following objectives:

• Promotion and dissemination of the Park’s historical, cultural and environmental heritage; strengthening the park’s relationship with the local community and reinforcing the sustainable development of the region;
• Support the Park’s monitoring and protection;
• Support the recovery of the Peruaçu River basin

Investors of the Peruaçu Fund, in addition to contributing directly to the conservation of local biodiversity and regional development, will participate in the decision-making to allocate the most efficient use of resources, integrate the Council, and may use either trademarks in the park’s dependencies or link products to the Park’s conservation.