The Rio Cautário Federal RESEX was created in 2001 and is managed by Instituto Chco Mendes de Conservação de Biodiversidade (ICMBio). With an area of about 74,000 hectares, the Federal RESEX borders with the Rio Cautário State RESEX, which was created in 1995. Although both protected areas are managed by different jurisdictions, the Federal RESEX families can also be considered beneficiaries of the State RESEX and vice-versa.

The RESEXs contain 83 residential families whose main economic activity involves the extraction of the Brazil nut, yielding a production of over 150 tons annually. Another important extractive activity is of latex, which yields around 30 tons annually.

Objective: The project’s objective is to support the community in identifying opportunities for improved harnessing of the potential of non-timber products in order to develop their local economy, ensuring their well-being and sustainability.


The specific objectives of the project entail:

  • Forestry potential: studying the forestry potential of timber and non-timber products
  • Business opportunities: identifying opportunities and defining strategies to develop business related timber and non-timber products
  • Social organization: characterize social capital in order to mold business strategies to stimulate public participation

Expected results: Provide resources for the Federal and State RESEX beneficiary communities, allowing them to choose the best ways to take advantage of the productive potential they have in hand, improving the local quality of life while maintaining the forest standing.