Biodiversity Protection and Stimulus to Sustainability

Ekos Brasil was founded in August 2001 by initiative of Swiss-Brazilian geologist Ernesto Moeri, with the primary objective to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainability.

Ekos Brasil’s first actions were focused on bringing to light innovative technologies that aided the remediation of contaminated sites, conducted through established partnerships with national and international companies and organizations that have collaborated in the organizations of seminars since 2002. Such seminars include the International Seminar on Remediation of Contaminated Areas, currently in its 10th edition, which became the discipline’s most important event in Latin America.

During our 15 years of existence, we have consolidated our engagement in conservation projects and planning of natural areas, technical training for environmental recovery, structuring and operation of sustainable investment with significant socio-environmental impact, as well as technical and scientific exchange among Brazilian and international entities.

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Under Law 9,249.95, legal entities can make direct donations to non-profit civil entities constituted in Brazil, using a specific incentive:

  • Donations are deducted as operating expenses up to a limit of 2% of operating income
  • The donor's Income Tax return must be based on Real Profit (not for Presumed Profit or Simple)
  • 34% of the donation "recovered" (leaves to pay to the Government and is invested in the entity)